PORTO LAUAND ADVOGADOS, a company registered under the Brazilian federal taxpayer CNPJ/ME No. 02.151.916/0001-78 (“We” or “Firm”), provides legal services to our clients (“Services”) and makes available to the public in general, this website and other related pages (“Website”) to offer legal content, allow subscription to our newsletter, as well as publicize events and materials from the Firm.

We are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting the personal data entrusted to us. This Privacy Notice seeks to explain in a clear and accessible way how personal data may be collected, used, shared and stored by the Firm. If you have questions or need to deal with any matter related to this Privacy Notice, please contact us through the following e-mail: portolauand@pladvogadps.com.br

This Privacy Notice applies to the processing of personal data carried out by the Firm to provide its Services and make the Website available. For clarification purposes, personal data is any information that can directly or indirectly identify someone, such as, for example, their name, IP address and e-mail address (“Personal Data”).

How we use your data

We collect Personal Data to provide the Services, as necessary and in accordance with the ethical principles of law practice and the professional client attorney confidentiality.

The Personal Data that we collect and use to provide the Services is provided directly by our clients or is made available by third parties designated by our clients. We request data such as your full name, email address, date of birth, gender, location, CPF, address, landline and/or cell phone and, in the case of subscription to Services, billing data (as applicable to the Service) and other Personal Data necessary for the provision of our Services.

In addition, We will handle client identification and background information as part of our conflict of interest review processes and to comply with any other legal or regulatory obligations to which we may be subject.


We also collect data when you access our Website, perform searches and fill out forms as in the case of the communication channel. We call this data “Cookies”, which is a small, simple file that is sent along with pages on this Website and stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive or other device. Stored information may be sent back to our servers or the servers of the relevant third parties during a subsequent visit.

Some Cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser (so-called session cookies), while others may be stored longer on your computer until they are manually deleted (so-called persistent cookies). You can make this deletion yourself.

Inserted Cookies

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How We share your data

The Firm may share Personal Data of Website’s users with partners and/or suppliers of the Firm, who are only authorized to use Personal Data for specific purposes that they were hired, therefore, they will not use your Personal Data for purposes other than those related to the provision of contractually provided services.

We may also share your Personal Data with government authorities when necessary for the provision of our services (for example, the Judiciary, regulatory agencies and the prosecutor’s office).

The Firm may, further, share the Personal Data to comply with the legal and regulatory obligations; and with legal, judicial, and administrative determinations and letters from relevant authorities, in addition to adopt legal, judicial, and administrative measures to defend its rights and the rights of third parties, including in any judicial or administrative proceedings.

How we protect your data

We adopt practices and technologies in line with technical and regulatory standards in the market, as well as controls that are constantly reviewed and improved.

Data on Children and Adolescents

Due to the nature of the Services we provide, it is very rare that we process Personal Data of Children and Adolescents. When it occurs, in specific operations, we treat such data always in the best interest of the holder. This treatment may occur, for example, in receiving subsidies containing client information, in the preparation of petitions, opinions or contracts and in the performance of backups.

Your rights

We are available to provide any information or clarification you may need. Please contact us if you wish to exercise any of your rights guaranteed by law, including:

(a) confirmation of the existence of the treatment of your Personal Data;

(b) access to treated Personal Data and information on the form and duration of its Treatment;

(c) correction of Personal Data that was incomplete, inaccurate or out of date;

(d) anonymization, blocking or deletion of any Personal Data treated in non-compliance with the General Data Protection Law (Law Nr. 13,709 of August 14th, 2018);

(e) portability of your Personal Data, when regulated by National Authority of Data Protection;

(f) information about the possibility of opposition to consent and the consequences of denial;

(g) revocation of consent at any time;

(h) information about the entities with whom We share your Personal Data; and

(i) deletion of Personal Data treated with your consent.


If you need any support or have any question regarding how we handle your Personal Data, request or suggestion in relation to this Privacy Notice, We are all ears. You can contact our team by email: portolauand@pladvogados.com.br