Real Estate Transactions

Porto Lauand has a strong presence with clients involved in real estate transactions. Our experience includes the provision of advisory services and legal advice in sales, acquisitions, swaps, joint ventures, partnerships, lease, rental, construction and built to suit agreements, always in order to provide the structure that best meets the client’s needs.

Our firm is experienced in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects, including assistance in the due diligence stage, preliminary to the implementation of the deal. Given that it is an area with a strong interdisciplinary characteristic, reflected in the interfaces with civil, commercial, tax, administrative and environmental law issues, the professionals that work in real estate deals are constantly liaising with other teams of the firm, with a view to suggesting legal solutions that combine high efficiency and lower risk to the client.








Em 17 de outubro de 2019 foi publicada a Lei Municipal nº 17.202/2019, que dispõe sobre a regularização de imóveis construídos na cidade de São […]