Asset and Succession Planing

Porto Lauand is highly experienced in Asset and Succession Planning, working closely with its clients in order to understand the specificities of each case and offer the most suitable and efficient legal solutions.

In the Asset Planning area, our firm seeks to analyze in details the structure of the corporate groups, the situation of its partners and shareholders, the existence of any liabilities and contingencies and the risks involved in the activity in order to present the best alternative for the business separation to mitigate the risks of a future liability of the group or the partners, always with tax efficiency.

In the Succession Planning area, the firm’s goal is to first know the company’s activities, the family structure, the composition of the assets and the real interests of those involved, in order to suggest the most appropriate corporate and asset structure, separating the operational activities from the real estate and financial assets. Also, our firm assists our clients in the whole implementation of the succession, by means of the creation of holding companies, execution of corporate and family agreements, implementation of donations, wills and other measures of the interest of the clients.








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